Al Mansoury Tower


Family private villa
Abu Dhabi, UAE
The project was to create an indoor swimming pool block, as an extension to the already existing sea-front villa. Without any odd-looking additions to the approved and existing exteriors of a unified community-like villa, M.A.C.E. managed to get conceptual approval from the client on the overall approach to the project and obtain all technical and administrative approvals from all governmental entities involved. This was a challenge, that included an extra addition of the land to the house, which eventually had the client owning an extra land plot than previously purchased.Also, the construction plan would all take part from the sea, using a private barge for all construction phases.This particularly challenging project due to the nature of the construction works – inside the sea water – the confidentiality and top-notch works of the client and the private compound regulations as well as the governmental approvals.The roof included a retractable system, terracotta tiles for the flooring and flower beds.
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