Al Mansoury Tower


Nasser Mosque
Cairo, Egypt

The masterpiece was nominated for the Agha Khan Prizein 1994, the world’s most prestigious prize in Islamic Architecture.


The architectural beauty remains in the 3 entrances; each one, individually, is an architectural creation and an addition to modern Islamic architecture.

The Jamal Abdul Nasser Mosque in Egypt was subject to demolition after an old praying room nearly collapsed. It was then that members of the Hada’eq Al Qubba Association saw the need to build a new mosque.

The mosque is a 2-storey building with a land plot area of 3656sqm. It consists of a clinic to treat patients, a Qur’aan teaching school and a workshop for female orphans, all located on the ground floor. While the 1st floor includes a 40x25m main praying hall that is free of columns, and a women’s mezzanine located at the back, decorated with    Islamic windows all around.

Later in 1970, the mosque was renamed after the late president Nasser, who is buried there and, at a later stage, his late wife Mrs. Tahya Kathem.

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