Al Mansoury Tower


Islamic Center DC
Washington D.C., USA

The mosque where leaders of the world and presidents of the U.S of A meet to address the American Muslim community and in other occasions, the Muslim world.

The need to build a mosque to serve the community in the capital city of Washington D.C., USA.  was realized after the death of the Turkish Ambassador, Muneer Erdogan in 1944. They found no place to have the customary funeral Muslim prayers in. It was then when the Muslim community gathered on a mission to buy a land and build the first mosque in the capital of the USA.

A mosque, that quickly becomes a landmark of the leading country’s capital to host all American leaders and presidents soon after the opening ceremony.

With the help of local Muslim communities, along with the blessing of the Egyptian ambassador, Mahmoud Hassan Pasha (the person-in-charge of signing contracts for and on behalf of Muslims at that time), the Afghani minister was able to purchase a land that had a total area of 30.000sqm.

The mosque project itself encountered some financial difficulties in the development stage but particularly some building and construction guidelines asset by the municipality such the height of the minaret. To comply with the city standards, it was agreed with the municipality to reduce the height of the minaret to a third of its’ original height.

The project was finally approved to begin construction after a 4-yeardelay; plus, another 6 years to complete the construction.

The building consists of a mosque, a library, an Arabic learning school, and the Imam House and his assistant’s accommodation.

Following the orders of Minister Osman Moharram, we - Architects Fahmy and Mostafa Momen - prepared the required designs and construction drawings.

Italian motif’s expert, Mr. Mario Rossi, was part of the team for the interior works.

The Muslim nations joined together in supplying various materials to finalize the construction of this long-awaited landmark. Turkey, Egypt, KSA, Jordan, Afghanistan, Morocco and various Muslim charities and institutions.

In a majestic ceremony, the opening of the Islamic Center included President Eisenhower and the first lady for the first time in the history if the U.S.A.

That was on the 28th of June 1957.

In 1974, his royal highness of Sharjah, Dr. Sultan Mohammed AlQassemi, visited the centre along with his excellency Mr. Taryam Omran Taryam the head of the Islamic center at the time.

The following years witnessed the visits of worldwide figures, such as President Obama, George Bush Jr. and many more since the opening of the Mosque.

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