Al Mansoury Tower


Al Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque
Cairo, Egypt

The Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque, located in the Heliopolis District of Cairo is one of the unique and rare Islamic designs found in Egypt, if not worldwide.  

It was built with a modern approach, although a 70s structure, yet another one-of-a-kind landmark with its futuristic bridal dome as the main core, the sophistication and elegancy found in the scale and proportions, the artistic details covering the mosque externally and internally, from the crown decorating the top of the dome to the octagonal all-around windows and the internal columns creating an indirect homogeneous space of unity. The beautifully svelte minaret striking the skyline of the neighbourhood, independently a pioneering design, as all minarets realized by M.A.C.E., and a supporting tandem icon to the dome and the main mosque’s elements, to be found in the covering tiara, the elegant matching top and the decorative details casing the base and column of the minaret

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