Al Mansoury Tower


Al Haram al nabawy
Medina, KSA

Until the date of publishing our website, M.A.C.E. is the only consultancy firm that happened to work on the two holy mosques in Islam, Al Haram Al Makky in Mecca and Al Haram Al Nabawy in Medina.

Historically, the Harama Al Nabawy went through 7 phases of extending, adding and scaling up of the mosque and its surrounding. Although today, it highlights the first consultant in charge of the First Extension to the Haram Al Nabawy, but again, technically speaking this was the 8th extension.

The project was initiated in 1953, in front of highly respectable nobles of the Islamic world and in the presence of his excellency the late Saoud Bin AbdelAziz Al Saoud.

The extension included the middle umbrella that coversthe land of 3857.6m² located at the north-east wing. The umbrella was resting on a total of 224 visual columns alone, not including the hidden columns within the walls of the mosque also supporting the covering structure.

The project also included two additional minarets, each of 104m total height and a depth of 17m at the base of the minaret.

The doors and windows were all designed in our studiosand built at a workshop that we prepared specifically for Al Haram Al Nabawy project alone in Cairo, Egypt. This workshop also manufactured all 98 copper chandeliers that were to decorate the new interiors along with the copper cladding coverings of the newly added columns (the bases and crowns parts).

After completing the works, a grand celebration took place at the garden of the Islamic Conference quarters with both the late King Faisal Al Saoud and the late president Anwar Al Sadat to present the doors of the Haram Al Nabawy.


President Al Sadat decided back then to have a formal ceremony sending the doors in a grand celebration from Cairo to the Suez CanalPort.

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