Al Mansoury Tower


Al Haram Project
Mecca, KSA

Until the date of publishing our website, M.A.C.E. is the only consultancy firm that happened to work on the two holy mosques in Islam, AlHaram Al Makky in Mecca and Al Haram Al Nabawy in Medina.


During the Saudi King’s visit to Cairo as a guest of President Naser at the Qobba Palace, Dr. Mostafa Momen along with his excellences Sheikh Ahmad Albaqoury, Minister of Awqaf and Eng.Ahmad Alshorbassy, Minister of Works went on a 2 hour presentation and discussion explaining the concept of the new expansion design, arguing why thehistoric octagonal shape solution that was conducted by AlFarouq Omar ibn Elkhattab was then and is today the most suitable design path to the monumentalhistorical landmark.

The octagon structure is the closest shape to the circle. The circle is the path worshippers follow, when praying around al Haram Al Makky.

After which King Saud ordered the recipient of all drawings, technical specifications and the model of theextended project to be transferred to the house of Allah, Mecca.

A series of important meetings then started, where kings, princes, ministers, ambassadors and leadersparticipated in it, led by M.A.C.E. as the main consultants and supervisors ofthe project.

Dr. Arch. Fahmy Momen, alsoknown as the golden fingers due to his distinguished creative hand drawingdesign skills, is the leading architect behind the project.

The unique design in our casewas different, as for every mosque in the world, there is a qibla (direction ofprayer) to follow for praying at one of its sides. But in the Holy mosque it isnot in one of its sides, but it is the centre of it, where worshippers, again,unlike other mosques stand in lines, here they surround it creating one circlearound the mosque.

The salute in any mosque is a2-time kneeling prayer, while the salute in the holy mosque of Mecca is Circumambulation.

The octagonal approach supported the value engineering to the greatest extent as well, as in reality only one side will be executed and set up, while the rest are exact replicas or copies, which in turn saves both time and of course the cost as well.


The project was executed over two phases.

Project budget was deeply studied and considered during the design implementation stage.

Along with our value-engineering report and design approach of the octagonal replicas - the construction was made easier and the problem or hassle of a new execution and addition to an already existing structure was in fact a lot more feasible.


The design included 10 major enhancements:

·        The octagon structure, where worshippers can easily start praying and their pilgrimage rituals smoothly from it, is the closest shape to the circle.

·        Newly added car parking lots near Almarwa, where pilgrims end their pursuit journey and the organizational plan of the whole journey, enhanced traffic and pedestrian circulation, a very crucial matter during the busy pilgrimage season.

·        Setting up of two mains quares in front of the Safa & Marwa, lessening the pedestrian traffic of both.

·        A new underground tunnel under the Safa and Marwa to avoid conjunction and separating cars from pedestrians permanently.

·        Dar AlArqam, a great Islamic and historical house was included within the holy mosque’s boundary limits.

·        All internal hallways pointing towards the Haram Al Mekky.

·        The additional 7 minarets on the new 7 entrances.

·        2 story Toilets distributed around the project and at a reasonable distance from all 7 entrances.

·        Kiosks and shades conveniently allocated to the comfort of the pilgrims, scattered at convenient measures to provide shade with trees and plantations surrounding them.


The new area of Al Haram AlMekky after finishing up the extensions left the area at 16 acres (63654m²)allowing the new space to inhabit over one million pilgrimage at a time.

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