Al Mansoury Tower


Tahrir Admin Building
The late Abdel Majeed Pasha Saleh, Minister of Public Works, received orders from the government to build the new administrative building for the Cairo Government and the incorporated style to be followed shall be Ancient Egyptian. Over the years, the functionality of the building was then transformed to what is known as the Administrative Complex (Mogamma'a AlTahrir). When mace started the works in 1948, however, Dr. M. Momen, who was a young recent graduate of the year 1945 batch, envisioned the building infused with Islamic styles and was able to convince both his elderly brother and senior architect Dr. Fahmy Momen and Abdel Majeed Pasha of his vision. The Tahrir Administrative Complex is a 12 storey building at a 55m height consisting of around a 100 rooms in each floor solely with its services, elevators and infrastructure.Elevators and other facilities of course are as well included. The facade is entirely cladded with artificial stone and carrara marble. The staircase tiles are of Egyptian granite (i.e. Aswan granites, well known for its durability). The structure strategic location overlooking Tahrir Square - at the center of Cairo’s business district - is another reason why this building is considered a landmark. Probably millions of visitors seek their administrative errands today at this complex and hundreds of thousands of photographs are distributed as part of Cairo's iconic landmarks throughout its modern era.
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