Al Mansoury Tower


Ahmad Maher & Alnoqrashy Mausoleum
The shrine or mausoleum of two very important and influential politicians in the history of modern Egypt; Mr. Ahmad Pasha Maher the prime minister of Egypt in 1944 (assassinated in 1945) and Mr. AlNoqrashy Pasha former prime minister of Egypt (also assassinated in 1948) project is located in one of the most dense and historical districts of Cairo — The Citadel “ ALQala’a” .Another artwork from maces' studio enriching further the architectural elements of Cairo.Our architectural studio had the opportunity to design several mausoleums for some of the most prominent leaders of modern Egypt. The famous Mostafa Kamel Pasha and the late Saad Zaghloul Pasha, leader of the 1919 revolution, are a few to mention. This project was executed in 1948 by architect Dr. Fahmy Momen in honor of the two politicians.
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