Al Mansoury Tower


Maspeero Building
This Building was one of the first towers shaping the skyline of Cairo. The prime minister at the time Dr. Abdelqader Hatem established an engineering office specifically for this project alone until completion, led by Dr. Galal Momen, one of mace's founding partners, after choosing his design as the new landmark of the capital, that will later on shape its skyline and be considered another iconic accomplishment by mace.With a total area of 11000sqm, in the heart of down town Cairo, comes a half circular shaped tower considered at the time of its drafting, the best scientific solution for sound and vision engineering. The project consists of the Radio section; movies and tapes library (Arabic and English), group of radio stations, group of montage stations, group of acting studios, large music radio stations, watch and recording rooms, radio specific administrative rooms and its services.It also consists of the TV section; 6 TV studios of various sizes, watch rooms and tele-cinema halls/stations, actors and actresses rooms, videotaping halls, 3 mini execution studios, workshops, TV specific administrative rooms and its services.The administration tower; consisting of general administrative rooms and offices and a total height of 106m. The opening of this project was accompanied with a grand opening ceremony in the year 1960.
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