Al Mansoury Tower


Managing director's office
Abu Dhabi, UAE
A major request from the client was to feel at home, not in the office. As it is where most of the time was spent. The floor pattern was reflected with the ceiling where a replica of the design was used in the gypsum board ceiling tiles. The office was divided into three major sections; the MD’s office desk, the meeting area, and his private lounge that included a comfortable elegant seating arrangement, a restroom and barber area. The office was accessible through a private car elevator. Yes, car elevator not personnel. A direct and private lift from outside to the director’s office. Plantation is always recommended in any space, here we used a variation of indoor plants surrounding the alabaster columns, also enhanced with a water fountain for even a more friendlier and cozier atmosphere .All furniture is French, wooden flooring and travertine wall cladding.
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