Al Mansoury Tower


Dhafir Switchgears HQ
Abu Dhabi, UAE
With a total area of 7732sqm, Dhafir Group envisioned to build the headquarters of their company, Switchgear Company, and appointed M.A.C.E as their main consultant and architect for this project. The main concept was to create a switch on its exterior reflecting the functionality of their works and a home/office look to its interiors that reveals the identity of Dhafir Group connecting it to their main factory. The building materials were carefully selected to best fit the surrounding industrial zone as well as to meet the client’s requirements. The interior working environment was especially taken into consideration to maintain a sustainable and productive space through using user participation techniques. The new headquarters is linked to the main factory and workshop through the first floor and mezzanine level. The Managing Director is provided an exclusive access to his office through a private car elevator.
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