What We Do

We are a full service design studio that works collaboratively with its clients from the inception of an idea through the completion of construction. Both practical and speculative investigations are researched rigorously for each project, allowing us to work with a fresh informed approach. Our ambition is to create socially dynamic spaces that are a material expression of our contemporary culture. We combine the capacity of a large firm with the intensity of a small one. The studio’s commitment to vigorous, critical design review sessions has infused its designers with a shared sense of commitment to every project.Our over 75 years of work, allowed us to experience all kinds of projects and hence provide services in every discipline needed with complete professional background and commitment to our clients

Urban Design

Urban design is the creation of city features based on plans m.a.c.e. has experience in major city developments and designs with iconic features and landmarks such as major architectural buildings, central landmarks, water features and artistic monuments.


A favorite and the base specialty of our studio. Architectural services go a long way at m.a.c.e. Following traditions while using modern innovations in all our designs is a norm. We inherited a rich portfolio and continue to develop and add value from the smallest to mega projects

Landscape Design

This division is known for its subtle touches of beauty. From modern hard and softscapes to typical plantations, m.a.c.e. utilizes all aspects of the discipline for a stand out outcome in all our projects. Landscape follows local surroundings for a sustainable and homogeneous result.

Interior Design

With a new approach to our designs, m.a.c.e recently expanded their interior projects to include retail and hospitality projects. From residential interiors to mega projects following the design trends preferences of clients and the guidelines set in our studio.

Renovation & Reuse

Since the very beginning m.a.c.e was one of the earliest consultancies to include supervision as part of its services. Project Management was then added using the latest schools and software to enhance the experience and add more value and time management to our team and clients.

Supervision & Project Management

Always taking into consideration cost and time optimization while designing, a re-use project is always harder to execute but with the technical expertise and aesthetical talent, m.a.c.e delivers various types of fit-out projects with the renovate and re-use approach.

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