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75 years of originality, innovation, art, design and creative work.Based in Egypt with worldwide footprints and landmarks.

Momen Architects & Consulting Engineers is one of the leading consultancy groups locally and internationally. It is proud of taking part in shaping the skyline of major cities around the globe through its landmarks. Most importantly the city of Cairo, where the main head office is and first branch started back in 1945.
For those who know architecture, patterns and uniqueness, can easily notice an exterior or an interior executed by Momen Architects.
Our Consultancy occupies a high position among the pioneering consultants of Egypt, the Middle East and the whole world.

Since the four siblings of Al Momen began in 1945 the foundations, this institution has been providing its technical and aesthetic services in all branches of engineering activities supported by a team of superior skills and its members have won many awards and recognitions, nationally and internationally.
Projects designed by M.A.C.E in (EGYPT, KSA,  KUWAIT, QATAR, U.A.E, LYBIA, IRAQ, IRAN, BELGIUM, SPAIN, U.S.A ...) include but not limited to Town planning, construction of new urban complexes, land reclamation and its infrastructures.

It as well includes civil and military airports, main highways, transportation, and telecommunications centers, many water and sewage networks, power and water desalination plants, in addition to bridges, and industrial complexes with the D.V.T. German Foundation, Popular and middle income Housing, hospitals, sports clubs, universities, the restoration of historical monuments, and military facilities.

In 1945, the 4 siblings of Al Momen agreed on establishing a house of expertise called (Momen Architects and Consulting Engineers).  The founders are Dr. Eng. Fahmy Momen, Dr. Eng. Mostafa Momen, Dr. Eng. Galal Momen and Eng. Atteya Momen.

The siblings were supported and equipped with the highest levels of academic, practical and experienced qualifications in their specializations.

Long Experiences and modern acquaintances.

The Founders

Atteya Momen
Fahmy Momen
Dr. Mostafa Momen
Dr. Arch. Galal Momen
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